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Sunday, November 2, 2014

28mm Ancient Libyan Heavy Spearmen

I posted these guys before they were done because I wanted feedback on the shields. I decided to paint designs on half to two thirds of the shields and highlight the others. The first rank can always have designs. There isn't much on shield designs for these boys so these are from the ether. Actually, what is written has them with all white shields. That is what I'm doing for some in 10mm. Anyway, I think these look nice.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

28mm Ancient Cartheginian Libyan Heavy Spearmen

These 28mm Ancient Cartheginian Libyan Heavy Spearmen are from Old Glory USA. They are a work in progress. I had them sitting around for weeks with just the shield designs and highlights to finish. Today I hand painted some sample shield designs; palm trees, lightning, stars, holy symbols, etc. I will have to think about how many I paint per unit.

There are three units. For no very good reason I did two colours of shields per unit so I could see what was what on the battlefield. I actually do them all white in 10mm. If my two tone units get irritating the shields can easily be popped off and moved around.

I like the tartans I have done (just one cloak per unit). I did a load of those on some Old Glory Romano British I mistook for Picts. Doh! I will have to say those are Celts now. Oh well..

WW2 Warlord Games British Commandos

These are some of Warlord Games plastic British Commandos. You can paint them up as French, which just means using alternative shoulder markings - and lashings of garlic.

For some reason the lighting didn't work out for me in these photos. The contrast is cut down a bit from what you see with the naked eye.

28mm WW2 Perry minatures Desert Rats

I am surprised how nicely these Perry miniatures Desert Rats turned out. The proportions are lovely. They remind me of Peter Guilder Connoisseur figures. I didn't have bases for the crew served weapons so I made bases that protected the figures while not taking up too much space. It is frustrating having an oversized base that stops you going into a nice position!

Sunday, September 28, 2014

28mm Napoleonic French Chasseur conversion

These are some of Front Rank's 28mm French Chasseurs a Cheval. I am making a 24 man regiment, of four squadrons - one of which will be an elite company squadron. Front Rank don't make an elite company trumpeter for their Chasseurs, so I bought a regular trumpeter and then made a colpack for him with green stuff. Some times I screw up with an order and get the wrong figure for a unit. It is surprising how easily figures can be converted with a drill, knife, wire and green stuff (just like they used to do in the old days...)

So that the green stuff would be well fixed I drilled three holes around the top of the sides of the trumpeter's shako. I araldited short pins into these holes so that they stick out of the shako. Then I scored the rest of the shako to give the green stuff something to adhere to. Green stuff dries hard. Hopefully the undercoat and paint will keep everything together.

I will have to see if there is anything more I need to add to this trumpeter to "upgrade" him to the elite company.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

28mm Napoleonic French line infantry (Perry miniatures plastics)

These are Perry Miniatures plastic French Napoleonic line infantry. They are handily dispensed in 36 man units with a 6 man skirmisher screen. This is great for many of the "big battalion" wargame rule sets, like "In The Grand Manner".

28mm Dark Ages Romano-British Archers

These 28mm Dark Ages Romano-British Archers are Old Glory figures. I painted three bags of them. Each bag has thirty figures. I think that will definitely be enough for any Dark Ages battles I'm likely to have. With their plaids these figures will do nicely for Celts as well.

My basing system for 28mm Ancients/Dark Ages figures is 20mm frontage per figure with whatever depth is needed. Rather than making individual bases, which are a pain to move, I make mainly 3s, some 2s and a few 1s. That way it is possible to "make change" for casualty removal and assume different formations. The only thing you can't do is "open formation" in some systems. In that case I do singles.