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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

We be Vivandières three

I have some Napoleonic figures from the late, great, Dave Allsop. So far I've only painted up three battalions as the Guard du Paris (two units) and Irish Legion. Now I have two units of Swiss and five units of French on the go.

Dave also made these Vivandières. I had a hunt through pinterest and got inspiration. I may park one with a standing French regiment. I have some Front Rank French Imperial Guards in this attitude.

BTW, there is a wonderful song "We be soldiers three" sung by the Deller Consort  which gave me the idea for the title here. Hunt it down if you have the chance.

1. We be soldiers three
Pardona moy je vous an pree1
Lately come forth of the low contry
With never a penny of mony.2
2. Here, good fellow, I'll drink to thee
Pardona moy je vous an pree
To all good fellows wherever they be
With never a penny of mony.

3. Here, good fellow, I'll sing you a song,
Sing for the brave and sing for the strong,
To all those living and those who are gone,
With never a penny of mony3

4. And he who will not pledge me this
Pardona moy je vous an pree
Payes for the shot what ever it is
With never a penny of mony.

Charge it againe boy, charge it againe,
Pardona moy je vous an pree
As long as there is any inck in thy pen,
With never a penny of mony.

Friday, December 12, 2014

10mm Republican Roman army

This is an army from Pendraken miniatures. There are also some extra skirmishers and archers. I thought about painting the shield designs but it isn't cost effective for these little figures.

These are the extra things I ordered. There are slingers and archers (heavy and light). I have another 3 bases of archers to paint.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

28mm Imperial Roman starter army from Warlord Games

This has been sitting around in various stages of completion for months. I fiddled with the metal on and off for most of that time. I wasn't satisfied with the figures. Then I looked back and saw that the shield designs didn't start off as dull as I had them. I'd screwed up and painted the shields red instead of white and this had dulled the other colours. So I had to paint those back in. Doh! Now they look OK.

The set contains

  • 24 Auxilia
  • 20 Pretorian Guard
  • 20 Roman Veterans
  • 60 Legionaries
  • Waterslide transfers

The Auxilia

The Pretorians

The Veteran Legionaries

 The Legionaries

Monday, December 1, 2014

28mm Napoleonic Bavarian artillery batteries

I originally did my Bavarians using Old Glory figures with Connoisseur mounted officers. I find the OG artillery (guns) to be too small, so I had no artillery to go with this force and no cavalry. I recently started some Front Rank Bavarian infantry and cavalry. I have yet to finish the horses for these, so I've nothing to show yet. But I have completed these  Front Rank gunners and guns.

Sunday, November 2, 2014

28mm Ancient Libyan Heavy Spearmen

I posted these guys before they were done because I wanted feedback on the shields. I decided to paint designs on half to two thirds of the shields and highlight the others. The first rank can always have designs. There isn't much on shield designs for these boys so these are from the ether. Actually, what is written has them with all white shields. That is what I'm doing for some in 10mm. Anyway, I think these look nice.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

28mm Ancient Cartheginian Libyan Heavy Spearmen

These 28mm Ancient Cartheginian Libyan Heavy Spearmen are from Old Glory USA. They are a work in progress. I had them sitting around for weeks with just the shield designs and highlights to finish. Today I hand painted some sample shield designs; palm trees, lightning, stars, holy symbols, etc. I will have to think about how many I paint per unit.

There are three units. For no very good reason I did two colours of shields per unit so I could see what was what on the battlefield. I actually do them all white in 10mm. If my two tone units get irritating the shields can easily be popped off and moved around.

I like the tartans I have done (just one cloak per unit). I did a load of those on some Old Glory Romano British I mistook for Picts. Doh! I will have to say those are Celts now. Oh well..